Review: Rule Breaker by Harper Kincaid (Break on Through #1)

Just when Lauren Renwick decides it's time for her to clip her wings and plant her roots, a man comes along who makes her want to break every single rule she's just created for herself. She's done with bad boys, and is more than ready to land herself a good guy. Jackson Sullivan? Well, he's every bit a bad boy, but maybe one time with him won't hurt, and she can go back to Lauren 2.0 when she's gotten him out of her system. The problem? Well, Jackson--who wasn't exactly looking for commitment--isn't satisfied with just one time with the woman who's made him reconsider his stance on relationships. Jackson wants to go all in and with a meddlesome ex on his end and an even more meddlesome family, Lauren isn't sure if she needs extra complications in her life. But Jackson isn't just a bad boy--he's a man with a good heart. Is it enough for her to become Jackson's rule breaking woman?

There's something familiar about Harper Kincaid's Rule Breaker, the first book in her Break on Through series, and in a world where so many books have an air of familiarity to them, that isn't entirely surprising. However, in cases like this, I look for that something extra, that one (or more, please) thing that distinguishes this book from everything else. Lauren and Jackson were a good couple to read about, but there were too many times that I felt as if we were only skimming the surface as to who they were as individuals. Everything felt rushed as well, with the author skipping through their story, leaving me wondering what happened in those gaps. I want to be able to experience the development of a relationship alongside the characters. I don't need every nitty-gritty detail, but I also don't like feeling like I'm missing out. Rule Breaker missed the mark, so it gets two stars out of a possible five. ♥

Date Read: 27 January 2017

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