Review: Contract Signed by Marie Harte (Triggerman, Inc. #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the publisher via RockStar Lit PR in exchange for an honest review.

Three hitmen and an abandoned baby would make for an interesting story line and that's exactly what the Triggerman, Inc. series from Marie Harte is basically about. The first book, Contract Signed, introduces readers to three operatives all working under one handler named Big Joe--Ice, Shadow, and Destroyer. The love story here, though, is about Ice, aka thirty-year-old Noel Cavanaugh. When he returns home after his latest assignment, he's not only attacked by someone but he also discovers the neighbor he's been fantasizing about for the past two years--twenty-six-year-old teacher Adeline Rose--standing on his doorstep with a package. A living, breathing package. Addy informs Noel that a woman dropped off the baby claiming it was his. Now, not only does Noel have to figure out who's after him, find out who the mother of the baby is and if it's actually his, but he's also got his hands full with handling with his quiet but intense fascination with Addy, who seems just as fascinated with Noel. 

I'm feeling a bit torn about this series starter. I honestly didn't get the attraction between Noel and Addy because no matter how physically attractive they both were, her nosiness and his reticence would have been turn-offs for me. Of course, there was more to them than those two particular features, but I wasn't really into their romance as much as I would have wanted to be. Deacon, aka Shadow, and Solene, Addy's best friend, were also featured far more prominently than I would have preferred, often taking away attention from what was going on between Noel and Addy because they were having their own issues. Yes, we're supposed to meet other players in the story, but not have them steal the spotlight. Now, as far as the mystery and suspense aspects go, well, I much preferred those parts of the story because it was more exciting, at least that's how I felt on my end. There's also a major twist, one involving the overall story arc, so I will check out book two. For now, Contract Signed garners three stars. ♥

Date Read: 21 January 2017

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