Review: Embers by Kate Sherwood (Common Law #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Riptide Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Jericho Crewe’s story continues with the second installment to Kate Sherwood’s Common Law series, Embers, and picks up soon after the events in the series starter. Now the under-sheriff for his hometown of Mosely, Montana, Jericho is heading up the investigation with regards to the corruption going on within the department. He’s also got a bit more going on with his late father’s widow plus his half-siblings, none of whom seem all too thrilled to have him around, especially with him being on the other side of the law. Then there’s Wade Granger. The man seems to show up whenever and wherever he pleases, more often than not, right beside Jericho. With a biker war in the offing and the feds looking at him like a dirty cop, Jericho needs to make sure whether or not his association with Wade is on the up and up. A past like theirs complicates things, but for how long can Jericho hold off wanting to engage Wade on everything they’ve both long desired?

Ooh! I’m certainly liking the direction the story’s going in. Jericho is a man straddling the line between what he knows is right and what he knows isn’t. Being around someone like Wade blurs that line even further, but Jericho’s history tells you that it doesn’t take as much as you think it would for Jericho to cross the line. There’s a bit more kissing between the two men, thank goodness, but I believe in delayed gratification, and at the rate we’re going, my expectations are going to be really high when these two FINALLY give in to their needs and wants. The book has Jericho as the main character with Wade as more of a supporting one, which leaves me quite curious about the man, especially since he’s clearly got a cache bursting with secrets and you never really know what his prime motivations are for doing what he does. The ending left me itching to crack open the ARC for Darkness, but I’ll wait closer to the release date. Four stars for Embers! ♥

Date Read: February 9, 2017

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