Review: Crazy for You by Rachel Lacey (Risking It All #2)

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I was crazy for Crazy for You, the third release and second full-length novel Rachel Lacey's small town romance series, Risking It All. This was a combination of the falling-for-your-best-friend's-sibling and friends-to-lovers tropes, and Lacey does a great job bringing together the good girl dared to be bad that is twenty-seven-year-old Emma Rush and the bad boy trying his best to be good that is thirty-year-old Ryan Blake. She's had a crush on him since she was nothing more than his best friend's pesky little sister following them all over the place. He made two promises to her brother Derek: that he would always look out for her, and that he would never take advantage of her. They're both back in Haven trying to find something they've never really had much of before--a sense of family and home, which they've found among their closest friends, but there's while Ryan is staying in Haven, Emma is leaving for Atlanta. Ignoring their mutual attraction is no longer possible, but do they become friends with benefits or will Ryan and Emma be open to the possibility that falling for each other could be the most rewarding risk of all?

I adored everything about Ryan and Emma's love story! It was lighthearted, and that dash of angst that I usually look for was there as well, courtesy of Ryan's dilemma of sorts regarding his half-brother Trent. Rachel Lacey could have taken the usual route some others do and made this one long, drawn-out thing centering on Ryan's promise to Emma's brother, but thankfully, she's spared us from that! That's not to say, however, that neither Emma nor Ryan have issues to deal with as individuals and as a maybe-sorta-kinda couple. They're both looking for the same thing but never really realized that they were looking for one extra aspect as well--being in love with someone and having that feeling returned. Their relationship beyond friendship may have started out because of a dare, but I think there were already budding feelings even before that, which is why there was an ease to their transition from friends to lovers. So far, Crazy for You is my favorite book in the Risking It All series, and now I'm all curious about Mark Dalton and Jessica Flynn's story and who Mandy will be paired up with. I'm giving this second book five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 05 April 2017

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