Review: Run to You by Rachel Lacey (Risking It All #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for an honest review.

Run to You is the second release and the first full-length novel in the Rachel Lacey-penned Risking It All contemporary romance series. The small town of Haven, North Carolina is home to former Olympic swimmer and medalist Ethan Hunter and his return is both to be closer to his beloved grandmother and to get the adventure business he's spearheading with his two best friends off the ground. Ethan ends up rescuing Gabby Winters from a swarm of yellowjackets and he finds himself drawn to the beautiful woman. But Gabby's in Haven healing from a relationship that ended badly and while she may be attracted to the gorgeous guy, she isn't ready to be adventurous with him or with any man. However, news of Ethan's rescue reaches his grandmother and she assumes that there's something more romantic going on between her grandson and Haven's temporary visitor. Circumstances have Ethan and Gabby pretending to be in a relationship to make his grandmother happy, but there's no faking how perfect they really do seem.

This full-length story was an enjoyable one and it the center of the supposedly fake romance between Ethan and Gabby is his grandmother, Dixie. Her desire to see her one and only grandchild happy and settled is what spurs this whole faux relationship on. She knows she doesn't have much time left and Ethan wants nothing more than to make his grandmother believe that her wish for him is on its way to coming true. Both Ethan and Gabby are wary and jaded when it comes to relationships but for completely different reasons, which is why they're such interesting characters. Now, it's obvious that this may have started out as fake but stories like this one are, more often than not, headed in one direction. Of course, it's all the complications and twists that will make it stand out and this is what makes Dixie such an essential part of the story. Also, we meet Ethan's best friends and I'm already curious to see what stories await Ryan Blake and Mark Dalton. Run to You was touching and lots of fun and gets four out of five stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 September 2016

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