Review: Target by L.P. Dover (Circle of Justice #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Target is the second novel in author L.P. Dover's romantic suspense series, Circle of Justice, and while the series starter, Trigger, was a good beginning, book two felt more cohesive and had one major twist that I certainly didn't see coming, with the second one easy enough to figure out. This also happens to be the first book that features one of the Chandler brothers, which is composed of the eldest, Wade, the twins, Ian and Bryce, and the youngest, Reed. While Reed is an FBI agent, the three oldest ones belong to the covert ops group under the agency, a group in which their father belonged to. Apart from being a trained assassin, Wade also happens to head the Chandler Enterprises, and it's because of the success he's achieved that Brina Michaelson decides to reach out for his help.

Being the daughter of a former president is difficult enough, but considering the circumstances in which her father died, Brina knows all too well that there's a very different kind of interest the public--especially the media--has with her. Now, she may no longer be a presidential daughter, but she is the sister to the sitting president and recently ended her relationship with his vice-president. Life certainly isn't boring. Her focus now is getting her business, Endless Summer, in the black and keeping it there. For that, she has to bite the bullet and ask for help in the form of Wade Chandler. He proves to be far more, an enticing temptation she can't get enough of. But Brina has secrets, and once she learns Wade's own secrets, could she make him a target for those after her own family?

I loved this tension-filled story about love and revenge. Brina and Wade live their lives in the public eye, but they also have a darker side to them brought about their own cache of past experiences that have left their mark. I liked that Brina gave back as good as she got. This was one strong, independent woman, and Wade never made her feel as if she had to prove herself to him or to anyone else. Once they were together, it was like they truly fit as equal partners. The secret that Wade keeps isn't really a secret because readers learn all about early on--and if you've read book one, then you know going into book two--but Brina's was a whopper! I love an author who's able to catch me off-guard. You can read Target independently of Trigger and I hope that you do! I'm giving this 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 07 April 2017

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