Review: Trigger by L.P. Dover (Circle of Justice #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Author L.P. Dover’s new romantic suspense series, Circle of Justice, starts off with Trigger and introduces us to a very secret group of men who work for the government and provide justice for those who are unable to find it through usual avenues. Preston Hale knows what it’s like to have justice be evasive. His mother and older sister were murdered when he was only fifteen, their killer never found. His father is bent on finding answers and goes on to become part of the Circle of Justice, working side by side with his best friend, Glenn Chandler. Preston’s father continually tries to recruit Preston to join but he resists…until one night in college, when Preston steps in and rescues a would-be victim from her rapist. That first kill triggers something dark within Preston.

When Preston Hale ups and disappears, leaving college and the band he founded—one that many believed had a great deal of promise—behind, Emma Turner wondered what could have happened. A few years pass and life has gone on, and now Emma works with Chandler Enterprises. She’s asked to work on a special project involving the company looking for music talents for the new branch they hope to work in and she’s been partnered with someone her boss thinks will fit in well with her: Preston Hale. If keeping their distance is what he wants, then so be it. However, Emma’s safety is threatened and Preston puts all his instincts to good use for her protection. But when the past shockingly returns, will Preston be enough to keep danger away?

I’ve enjoyed L.P. Dover’s other romantic suspense series, Armed and Dangerous, so starting a new one penned by her was a no-brainer. Circle of Justice appears to be more closely connected in terms of the would-be main characters all belonging to one group and Trigger does well giving readers not just Preston and Emma’s story but having readers meet the Chandler brothers—Wade, Ian, Bryce, and a still unnamed fourth one—too. With as far as the main story in book goes, I confess there were moments that I felt as if I were missing bits and pieces of vital information, especially in the first few chapters. The prologue alone had me wondering if I had missed a prequel novella or if this was a spin-off of an already ongoing or just finished series by the same author.

There was also more than just a love story here, since there was the whole unsolved double murder of Preston’s mother and sister plus Preston’s own need to keep killing even when said killings aren’t part of whatever assignment he’s supposed to be doing. There were a couple of twists in the story and they certainly kept me on my toes. I liked the suspense part of the story just a teeny tiny bit more than I did the romance, but the latter wasn’t something to turn your nose up at either. Overall, the two main elements of the book melded well and I found myself quite entertained. I would have liked to know a bit more about the Circle of Justice itself and its history, but hopefully we’ll get more information as the series moves forward. I’m giving Trigger four out of five stars. ♥

Release Date: 06 February 2017

Date Read: 06 February 2017

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