Review: The Gravity of Us by Brittainy C. Cherry (Elements #4)

“This is who I am. I am the girl who feels everything.”
 I could tell that was true.
 She was the girl who felt everything, and I was the man who felt nothing at all.
 “Then the world will do its best to make you nothing,” I told her.

Well. How the heck do I write this review, express how much I loved this book, and control myself from spilling any pertinent details?! When I'm absolutely obsessed by a story that I've just read, I have to pull myself back before writing my review because I do have a tendency to gush and go all fangirl, and that was par for the course with the fourth novel in author Brittainy C. Cherry's Elements series. The Gravity of Us was as gut-wrenching as the three titles that came before it, but also like its predecessors, this stands alone and stands out. Cherry's storytelling is unlike anyone else's I've experienced before. Her romances are unique but they never feel as if the author's trying too hard to be different each time. She simply shares one love story with two unforgettable main characters and every single time, there is this distinct blend of intensity and subtlety that's made Cherry a go-to author for many.

Lucille Palmer is a woman who feels--the one who doesn't shy away from whatever swirling emotions may be brewing within her. She experiences each one--sometimes reveling, oftentimes reflective, never rejecting--because that's who she's always been. And then she meets Graham Russell, a man who has made it his life's mission to not let his emotions control him. He's logical, letting his mind make all his decisions for him. His feelings have led him to nothing but misery before. He keeps people at a distance, and he has a long-held reason why he does so. When Lucy comes into his life, he does his best to push her away, insisting that he doesn't need nor want her. But even though they've tried to deny the truth, even though they believe it's wrong, Graham and Lucy inevitably and irrevocably fall for each other. However, will the fall led to both of them absolutely crashing when reality steps in?

There are quite a few more things about the story that I refuse to mention that affect what happens between Graham and Lucy. This was a slow burn romance and there are a couple of reasons why it was the way it was. One of those reasons reminded me of a particular estrangement in my life, which is just one reason I connected with Lucy. But then I connected with Graham as well because of his choice to deflect and not wallow in anything emotive. He was the yin to her yang, the dark to her light, and they simply belonged together. I loved being right there watching these two evolve--Graham more so than Lucy--and there were a couple of times in the story that I was brought to tears with what they faced as a couple. They were each other's greatest strength and weakness and their heartrending story is one of the best I've read for 2017. The Gravity of Us gets five-plus stars because maktub. ♥


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Release Date: 13 April 2017

Date Read: 13 April 2017

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