Review: Fighting Attraction by Sarah Castille (Redemption #4)

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It's been nearly two years since the last book in the Redemption MMA romance series was released, but now the fourth book is ready and waiting! Yup, Sarah Castille has Jackson Caldwell, aka Rampage, and Penny Worthington's story in Fighting Attraction. Jack is Redemption's very own Southern gentleman, the guy who's everyone's friend, and would never intentionally hurt anyone unless he was in the ring. Penny is the Brit turned legal assistant who always had a ready smile, was buddies with the guys and their girls in Redemption, and seemed to be as sweet as sugar. But both Jack and Penny are keeping secrets from even those who are closest to them, secrets that they fear will have people looking at them very differently, and may end up costing them far more than they're willing to give up. But when Penny inadvertently finds out that Rampage is Master Jack in an exclusive BDSM club, she begins to see him in a whole new light. Now, she sees a darkness in him. Jack is a sadist, a man who gains pleasure from the pain he inflicts on another person. He refuses to expose her to his kink, but maybe he is what she needs.

Well, well, well. I certainly wasn't expecting Jack to be a sadist, but I liked the twist in his personality. He wasn't an evil man; sadism was simply part of who he was as a person, and he never forced it upon anyone, and even hesitated repeatedly when Penny was begging him to hurt her. Both Jack and Penny are complex characters with complicated back stories that are connected to their families, and these two were keeping their distance from each other even they've been interested for quite a while, believing that the other is too nice for the kink that they're hiding. However, they still have the whole insecurity thing going on even after their proverbial cats are out of the bag, and this leads to a bit of frustration on my end due to all the back and forth, especially with Jack knowing full well that he wants to claim Penny but doesn't do so all the way. Argh! Still, I appreciated the layers of complexities involved in a story like this one, as well as the development of Jack's character, who's been around from the very beginning. I'm giving Fighting Attraction 4.5 stars and look forward to novels about the other Redemption fighters. ♥


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Release Date: 04 April 2017

Date Read: 27 March 2017

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