Review: Special Delivery by Lauren Blakely (Always Satisfied #5)

Lauren Blakely's newest novella was the perfect holiday treat to warm my heart during this Christmas season--and yes, Christmas season starts once the first of September rolls in and lasts throughout the -ber months and until Feast of the Epiphany (and sometimes even beyond that!). Special Delivery was a quickie of a read, yet this lived up to being short but sweet and quite steamy, too! It also proves that you don't always need hundreds of pages to create a wonderful story that's worth reading, but then this author knows what she's doing, and has delivered a romance that is, indeed, special and takes on the falling-for-your-sibling's-friend trope without unnecessary drama.

Special Delivery is the fifth book in the Always Satisfied series--and I THINK it's the last one, but don't quote me on that because I could be wrong--about Vaughn Channing and Quinn Summers, the former being Josh Summers's (whose own happily-ever-after takes place in the fourth book, Overnight Service) close friend and business partner as well as a Super Bowl-winning tight end turned sports agent, and the latter being Josh's younger sister and the owner of her event planning business. Josh unwittingly plays matchmaker when he pairs Vaughn and Quinn together to plan their new agency's first-ever Christmas party. Both Vaughn and Quinn have rules in place when it comes to relationships, but 'tis the season to be jolly, which is the perfect time for fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-ing in love...

There was a whole lot of adoration coming from my end while reading this novella. I adored Vaughn and Quinn and I adored how angst-free this was, which may sound strange considering I make no secret of loving angst in my romance novels. However, this is a holiday read, and well, Christmas is, indeed, the time to be joyous, and merry, and bright, and this story certainly didn't need any angst nor drama to make it a better read. Another thing I adored was the role Josh played, and how it wasn't about him being the proverbial Scrooge or Grinch in the blossoming affections between his friend and his sister. This was a really fast-paced read, and naturally, it ends quite happily. You also don't need to read any of the previous books in the Always Satisfied series, but they're all good reads, so consider it a pre-Christmas treat to go read all of them anyway. I'm giving Special Delivery five stars. ♥ 


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Release Date: 11 November 2019

Date Read: 11 November 2019

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