Review: The Mighty Anchor by Carrie Aarons (Rogue Academy #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

I've been itching to get my hands on Vance Morley's story ever since his tidbit revelation in the second Rogue Academy book, and there was no better way to end this trilogy. The Mighty Anchor finds twenty-two-year-old goal keeper Vance Morley trying to come to terms with three important realizations in his life: he's stuck in limbo when it comes to his football career, he's the father of a little boy who's a year and a half, and the mother of his child--and the girl he still loves--is engaged to another man. Vance's dream from the moment he discovered football was to play for the Rogue Football Club. While his two best friends have already been called up, however, Vance is still waiting for his shot, whiling his time at Rogue Academy and growing increasingly frustrated. He already made the difficult choice of putting football first, breaking up the first and only girl who's ever owned his heart. During a quick visit to his hometown of Brighton, he's happily surprised to see Lara Logan again, but he's shocked when he sees her with a little boy who looks very much like him. Vance realizes that he wants another chance with Lara--a chance to get it right this time and to have the family his son, Mason, deserves. But Lara is wary and distrustful of the boy who shattered her heart. When Vance is forced to choose yet again, will Vance pick football or his family?

Ah, this second chance romance ticked all my boxes! Carrie Aarons's series about three best friends who have dreamt all their lives to make the jump from the Rogue Academy to the Rogue FC has turned out to be one of my favorites this year. Each one of the novels has that great mix of angst, wit, heart, and heat, and Aarons has maintained the same level of quality throughout. Vance and Lara's story was a great read, with both main characters needing to make amends for choices they made a couple of years ago, only realizing later on how those mistakes have come back to haunt them. Another well-conceived aspect of the story has to do with whether Vance is going to stay on and try to be patient while waiting to be called in to become part of the Rogue FC squad or if he going to have to make a move in order to get some actual playing time on the field rather than wasting his talent away at the academy. It was also fun seeing Jude Davies and Aria Lloyd and Kingston Phillips and Poppy Raymond, and that epilogue was like the perfect exclamation point to close out the series. The Mighty Anchor gets five stars. ♥


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Release Date: 24 November 2019

Date Read: 24 November 2019

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