Review: Spider by MV Ellis (Rough Ink #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the Hot Tree Publishing.

Spider is the second novel in MV Ellis's Rough Ink series and it's a book that can be read independently of the first one, although might I suggest that you read Zed anyway because it's quite a good series starter. This is the story of Christopher Williamson, aka Spider, and Emi (whose last name I honestly cannot recall being mentioned, but if it was, please let me know via the comments section!). Spider was a man who wondered if there was something wrong with the life he was leading. He had no worries, no issues, no conflicts to worry about. He had a great job, great friends, and a great family. Life was good, or at least that's what he thought. Basically, life was...ordinary for Spider. It lacked a certain kind of spark. Then Emi comes along, and this woman who has experienced heartache and pain sparks something new within Spider. When his life splinters and crashes around him, Spider turns to Emi and she's the support that he needs, but will she ever allow him to be the same for her and maybe even far more?

A quick note about triggers: This book contains incidents of violence, particularly those that are domestic in nature, so please be aware before you dive into the story if this could be a potential trigger for you. Now, as far as my own experience with the book in concerned, I must say that this is already my third novel penned by MV Ellis and I remain as impressed as ever. Both Spider and Emi are intriguing as main characters, what with two people who seem to come from two very different worlds, yet they share a bond that's uniquely their own. As was the case with the first book, there's a fine balance of lighthearted and heavier moments here, so don't think of this as angst-ridden or something that will make you feel overwrought by the time you get to the end. Spider was a highly notable read, which is why it gets five stars and why I feel like I need to play catch-up and read Ellis's back list ASAP. ♥


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Date Read: 17 November 2019

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