Review: Air Kiss by L.H. Cosway (Running on Air #0.5)

Air Kiss is the prequel novella to L.H. Cosway's new Running on Air series, and it's currently available for free on all e-retailers. This is a recommended must-read for anyone who's planning to read the first full-length novel, Off the Air, since this novella introduces readers to the main protagonists and gives everyone a glimpse to the early beginnings of a group of five freerunners who are to star in a new reality television program showcasing their lives.

Here we meet Trevor Cross, Callum Davidson, James Khan, Paul Sheridan, and Leanne Simmons, with the first three being the original three freerunners approached to be part of the TV show, and Paul and Leanne being best friends who end up becoming the remaining members to join. Callum recognizes that his attraction to Leanne could cause problems, but when it turns out that it's mutual, lines are soon crossed and later on, lives are irrevocably changed.

If you're familiar with L.H. Cosway's Hearts series, then these characters shouldn't be strangers to you, what with Trev's story being told in the final Hearts book, Hearts on Air. You don't necessarily need to read that book in order to understand Air Kiss, but I'm encouraging you to read it anyway because it was an awesome story for me to peruse. This novella was a great start to Cosway's Running on Air series and left me wanting even more. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 03 March 2019

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