Review: You're The Only One by E.M. Abel

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

You're the Only One is a standalone friends-to-lovers romance written by E.M. Abel, who also happens to be a new-to-me author. This story is about Dillon and Sky, neighbors who become the closest of friends, their lives connected not just by their friendship but that of their mothers as well. From children to teenagers to adults, their friendship is one of the few constants in their lives, and they move to New York to pursue their respective dreams--his to be recognized as a singer slash songwriter and she to make a name as a fashion designer. They have relationships with other people, and Dillon and Sky insist that theirs truly is nothing more than an extremely close platonic one. What will it take for them to realize that what they've been looking for all along is the very thing that's been right there beside them the whole time? If Dillon and Sky do dare allow themselves to fall in love, will their friendship survive?

Friends-to-lovers stories always have a soft spot with me. There's already a foundation that's waiting for a more romantic relationship to build upon. I liked that Dillon and Sky truly were "just" friends and that they seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they were already perfect for each other from the get-go. Their feelings developed over time, though it did feel as if it took a good, long time to get to that point in the story, spending more than half of the book with them in their own respective relationships. I did like that this wasn't just about friendship; it was about family as well and it was clear that both main characters had close relationships with their mothers and that there was that unbreakable bond between their two families. The epilogue was a bit out of the blue and a tad sappy. For a first read from a new-to-me author, You're the Only One was a pretty good choice. This gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 11 April 2017

Date Read: 11 April 2017

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