Review: The Tribulations of August Barton by Jennifer LeBlanc (August Barton #1)

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The Tribulations of August Barton is Jennifer LeBlanc's debut release and it was both a quirky and a poignant story about a young man facing a new chapter in his life--that of college freshman. Change is something that August Barton has never fully embraced. If he can keep things the way they are, he'd be more than okay with it. But life is about change and with him now in college, he needs to learn how to live with a roommate and how to deal with the different kinds of personalities and personas he comes across while on campus. Since his college is in the same town he grew up in, his doting mother, Diane, lives close enough, and his far more daring grandmother, Gertie, isn't afraid to leave the confines of her room in Silver Oaks to give her favorite--and only--grandson the occasional push he needs out of his comfort zone. But it's when Augie meets Rose Varley, a fellow freshman, that he feels out of his element. He really likes her, but could a girl like Rose ever want a guy filled with anxieties like Augie Barton?

This was such a pleasant surprise of a read. It was short, but it had heart and I found myself quite entertained and engrossed in Augie's triumphs and tribulations during his first year in college. Gertie, who is Augie's grandmother and happens to be rather proud of her status as a former prostitute, is a hoot! She was this unexpected breath of fresh air and I love how Isaac--Augie's roommate--took to her so easily as did quite a few of Augie's other peers. Jennifer LeBlanc didn't dwell on unnecessary details, choosing instead to skip weeks or months to focus on the more pressing moments in Augie's life, and I, for one, am not complaining. The fact that I didn't sit around wondering if I had missed anything highlights how LeBlanc never left me guessing, giving brief explanations as to what happened--if necessary--in between chapters. The Tribulations of August Barton ends on a very happy note, but with this being the first in a series, I'm curious to see what lies ahead for one Augie Barton. This gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 31 March 2017

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