Review: Shutter Speed by Freya Barker and Freeze Frame by Freya Barker & KT Dove (Snapshot #0.5-#1)

Note: These ARCs were provided by the authors via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

The Snapshot series starts off with a prequel novella written by Freya Barker and introduces readers to forty-eight-year-old Ben Gustafson and thirty-nine-year-old Isla Ferris, whose story continues in the full-length Freeze Frame, which Barker co-wrote with KT Dove. In the prequel, Ben's and Isla's paths cross when Isla takes over watching her beloved uncle's trailer park where Ben happens to have his own trailer at. A budding photographer, Isla inadvertently stumbles upon something she shouldn't have, putting her in danger. This spurs Ben on, not just to protect her but to wrap up why he's there in the first place. The attraction between them is potent and palpable from the beginning, and the mystery and suspense were enough to make me want to continue on to Freeze Frame.

The full-length novel takes place right after the events in the novella. Ben and Isla are moving forward with their lives, only this time, as a couple. Isla is excited at the opportunities before her and Ben's retirement means no more assignments for him that force him to constantly be on his guard. But while these two are ready to leave their pasts to work on the present and hopefully a long, loving, and lustful future together. However, Ben's past isn't as easy to leave behind as he may have hoped, and Ben will have to figure out who it is that's after him and how he's going to protect the woman he loves and the life they've created for themselves from the evil still lurking.

I've only read one Freya Barker-penned novel--From Dust--in the past, but it was enough that I never forgot it and the rest of that particular series is on my to-be-read list. I'm glad I got the opportunity to read these latest release from her and to see how she does as part of a writing team. The storytelling is strong, the writing on-point, and the development of the characters fantastic. I highly recommend that the prequel be read before the full-length novel because it sets everything up between Ben and Isla and how everything that happens in the novella becomes the foundation of their closeness and relationship. Everything is doubled in the novel--from the romance to the sex to the mystery and to the suspense. There are also more supporting characters to capture your attention, but this was, at its core, about Ben and Isla, and I was quite impressed. 4.5 stars for both Shutter Speed and Freeze Frame. ♥

Dates Read: 13-14 April 2017

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