Review: Saved by Karrie Roman

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Saved is the debut release from Karrie Roman and it proved to be a good one! This romantic suspense story revolved around thirty-four-year-old police detective Jack Mitchell and twenty-five-year-old kidnapping survivor Will Blaikie. Jack's latest case has already claimed two victims, and there's something about it that looks and feels familiar. Could it be a copycat serial killer or could it be the only surviving victim from the original case? But Will's life was changed forever six years ago. He was taken and tortured, his mind and body still bearing the scars of his time in captivity. When he volunteers to be interviewed, Jack is drawn to him immediately, but an attraction to the guy some see as a potential suspect--the same guy he's now supposed to spend time with while he's in protective custody--has disaster written all over it. But what if that attraction is reciprocated? As Jack and Will toe the line between being propriety and passion, there's someone out there who's making it clear that he wants Will--someone who is willing to gun down whoever gets in his way. Can Jack protect Will or will the monster succeed?

I quite liked this romantic suspense novella! Karrie Roman did a commendable job putting together a mystery that kept me guessing while also balancing it all out with a slow burn romance between two intriguing men. I liked how their love story developed and how they evolved as main characters. Will made Jack care about more than whether he failed or succeeded and Jack gave Will that confidence to go beyond the safety zone he had kept himself locked in for six years. Seeing how these two came out of their respective "shells"--Jack's hardened by the kind of job he has and Will's erected due to what happened to him when he was kidnapped--when they were together had me going "Awww!" The book also had a memorable cast of supporting characters, several of whom provided some much needed levity to an otherwise tension-filled story. As far as who the villain was, I was stumped until the person's name was revealed, though I did guess as to their motives after that happened. Overall, Saved was a commendable first effort and I do look forward to reading more from Karrie Roman. 4.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 10 April 2017

Date Read: 08 April 2017

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