Review: Royal Disaster by Parker Swift (Royal Scandal #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for an honest review.

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Royal Disaster, the sequel to the Royal Scandal series starter, Royal Affair, but thank goodness for advanced reader copies because I don't think I could have held out any longer than I already have! Book two takes place shortly after the events in book one, and find Lydia Bell informing her boyfriend, Dylan Hale, all about the email that she received--which is where the first book ended. I'm highly recommending that you read the books in order because they are connected, with book being where Dylan and Lydia meet and fall in love, and book two exploring their deepening relationship even further and how Lydia is coping being around a man born into royalty as well as trying to handle a would-be cyberstalker warning her away.

There's no denying that Dylan and Lydia are very much in love, but they're also very new to a lot of things that they're facing as a couple. As a marquess and heir to a dukedom, Dylan's world is different from Lydia's and she doesn't have too long of a honeymoon period to adjust to the constant prodding and poking around that the paparazzi are wont to do. There are expectations and demands for someone in the peerage and Lydia being intimately involved with someone belonging to that part of society has her scrambling to meet said expectations and demands. With someone constantly warning her that Dylan isn't who he seems to be, and Dylan refusing to open up the way Lydia had hoped he would, she can't help but wonder if what the stalker has said is actually true...

Like a lot of books stuck in the middle of a trilogy, this suffers a bit from the story being dragged a tad longer than I would have liked. However, there are new things that happen later in the book that make for an even more frustrating wait for the third and final book in the series. Lydia is trying as best as she can to not just cope but to truly become a part of Dylan's life--and that includes the parts of it that he isn't all that fond of either but that he's required to partake in. There are moments that Dylan is utterly frustrating, no thanks to his lack of open and honest communication, but I also get that he's protective of Lydia and wants to shield her from the darker parts of his life. These two are facing a lot of changes and I can't wait to see how it all ends! Four stars go to Royal Disaster. ♥


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Release Date: 01 April 2017

Date Read: 02 April 2017

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