Review: Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey (Boys of Winter #2)

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Resistance on Ice is the second novel in the hockey romance series from author S.R. Grey entitled Boys of Winter. The main characters here, hockey player Nolan Solvenson and cocktail waitress Lainey Shelburne, were introduced in the series starter, Destiny on Ice. He may have seemed to be as put-together as one can get in the first book, but here, it's pretty clear that Nolan has his own demons that he'd rather keep as hidden away as possible. Lainey makes him want things and that makes her a distracting temptation, one that he's chosen to unceremoniously do away with. When circumstances throw them together once again, Lainey makes sure Nolan knows that all they can ever be is friends from now on. After all, who wants a repeat with a guy who dumps you? Nolan, of course, wants to be more than friends. Heck, he can't even get the benefits he wishes came with that status. Now that he knows what he could have had and promptly let go, Nolan wants another shot at convincing Lainey that they're meant to be together. He's already broken her heart once. Will she end up breaking his in return or give hers back yet again?

Nolan and Lainey piqued my curiosity in book one, and I like that their story went in a direction I wasn't really expecting. I was actually glad that Lainey played the "just friends" card because Nolan was a cad who I felt hadn't really earned Lainey's trust back. Now, Nolan has his issues, but he Lainey wasn't at fault, and he treated her terribly simply because he didn't know how to handle his developing feelings for her the first time around. If I were her, I wouldn't even have bothered to try and make a go at being friends, but hey, Lainey's a far better person than I am. And see, that's what I loved about her. She wasn't some whiny heroine bemoaning what Nolan had done to her. She was rightfully upset, but she wasn't bitchy about it either. Nolan had a lot to prove, and while I wasn't too happy with him after what he did to her--and while he assumed he could easily get her back in his bed when he realized the error of his ways--he did show himself to be worthy after all. Destiny on Ice is still my favorite between the two books, but I enjoyed Resistance on Ice and look forward to the rest of the Boys of Winter series! 4.5 stars. ♥


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Release Date: 10 April 2017

Date Read: 10 April 2017

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