Review: Personal Challenges by K.C. Wells (Personal #4)

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Personal Challenges is the fourth and I'm guessing final novel in the Personal series penned by author K.C. Wells. The events here take place between three and four years after the events in the previously published story, Strictly Personal. Blake and Will Davis are still very much married and happily so, along with their young daughter Sophie. The birth that of their son Nathan is meant to further complete their family, but when they discover a health concern involving their newborn, their happy home life comes to a standstill and leave them grasping for answers.

Rick Wentworth and Angelo Tarallo are engaged and in the throes of planning for their wedding. Or maybe it's more of Angelo's mother who has taken over as wedding planner. It's gotten to the point that what she wants for their wedding doesn't mesh with what they want. So who wins? Then there's Ed Fellows and Colin Reynolds, who are also happily engaged. When an ex-boyfriend reaches out to Colin, the news delivered leaves him gobsmacked. Can he and Ed deal with the fallout or will Colin's past be too much for either of them to overlook and overcome?

I loved seeing where these three couples were now at. It's been a few years and all of them seem to be happy, but as the title of this novel states, there are challenges in the offing and they're all tested to see if they'll be able to come through on the other side intact or broken. Among the three, Rick and Angelo's issues don't seem to be as heavy as those faced by either Blake and Will or Ed and Colin. As was the case in the previous books, the drama is tempered by moments of levity and that's something I'm able to appreciate in reads that are more angsty indeed.

K.C. Wells has gotten me to care about all these men throughout this series. They've made me smile, but they've also made me grimace when they've made ill-thought choices. Still, I cheered them on, especially because they all deserved to find love and happiness. Compared to the other books, this one is quite lengthy, but it's a worthwhile read, whether you're a fan of the series or not. I do, however, recommend that the books be read in order so as to provide a far more enjoyable and informed reading experience. I'm giving Personal Challenges 4.5 out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 09 April 2017

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