Review: Patience by Helena Stone (Dublin Virtues #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Patience is the first novel in the Dublin Virtues series written by Helena Stone and is, obviously, set in Dublin, Ireland. Book one features an artist named Xander Ekman whose constant string of one-night stands make him feel emptier than ever and a tattooist named Troy Moriarty whose trust was broken when a guy he thought would be his partner in a business ends up ditching him--and Ireland--for Florida. It isn't an overly long read and it's one that I was able to finish in about two hours' time, keeping my attention with an interesting story about two people who want to better themselves AND want better for themselves, plus how they find love and peace with one another.

While Troy is trying to make a go of being the sole owner of a floundering studio, Xander takes on a bet that'll have him not hooking up with anyone for a month. In order to help him stay focused on the task at hand, Xander decides to get a tattoo that signifies patience and it's Troy's studio he decides to get it done at. The attraction between them is palpable from the get-go, but Xander is trying to keep it at bay, not just because he wants to win the bet with his best friend, but because he wants something more and not rush into things. Troy, on the other hand, is wary about trusting Xander, but he wants to try, especially because this feels like it could mean far more.

This was a slow burn romance but that sexual tension between Xander and Troy was there the entire time. After all, Xander was trying to learn to be patient and the whole bet thing had him holding back when all he wanted was to surge forward. This gave them the opportunity to truly get to know one another better, which would be a far better foundation for a relationship than a meaningless hook-up. These two, of course, had their respective secrets--Xander's is obvious from the synopsis, but Troy's was a surprise, one that is brought to readers' attention when Xander enters his tattoo shop. It added an interesting dimension, one that looked like it would wreak havoc.

I liked Xander and Troy just as much as I liked their best friends--Eric Kavanagh and Lorcan Barrett, respectively--especially since they provided different perspectives and were the voices of reason whenever Xander and Troy were on edge or started to doubt themselves. That ending now has me all curious about what's in store for Eric and Lorcan in the second book, and what their back stories are like. I also know that book three will be about Shane Boyle and after his abhorrent behavior here in the series starter, I wonder how he'll end up redeeming himself. Can you tell how much I already like this series? Make sure to check out Patience, which garners 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 06 April 2017

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