Review: Only for Him, Only for Her, Only for Us, and Only Forever by Cristin Harber (Only #1-#4)


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Confession time: I originally read Only for Him back in February of 2015, and I fully intended to read the rest of the series as each installment was released. Alas, I didn't. This is a case, yet again, of me not having time to read everything that I want and need to read. Yes, I've heard about time management. Clearly, I have yet to master it. As I always say, so many books, so little time. When the opportunity came around to read the entire series, I knew that I was either going to do it then and there or wait way too long to read, and while it took me about two years, I'm glad I was able to read the Only quartet (yes, I re-read the first book even though I already had a review up for it from two years ago). This fantastic foursome was heartbreaking but hopeful as well. While it didn't have much of the trademark Titan-esque action and suspense fans love, this had the heart which the original series is known for.

Over the span of four novellas, readers meet Grayson Ford and Emma Kingsley and learn all about their love story--how they've always been close, becoming the best of friends by the time they're in their teens, falling in love, only to have Grayson up and leave. They remain separated for three years and they're lives have gone in very different directions than what they may have envisioned. While the love they have for each other is very much there, regaining Emma's trust is something Gary will have to work hard at and Emma understanding Gray's past, present, and future may become stumbling blocks for this erstwhile couple. There's also the fact that Emma is keeping something from Gray, and his reaction to it could make or break any chances they have to be together. I was invested in these two from the first book, joining them on their journey was a no-brainer, and it was a moving one.

Only for Him had a friends-to-lovers feel to it while both Only for Her and Only for Us were, understandably, more of second chance romance. Only for Us and Only Forever has Grayson joining Titan, with the latter wrapping everything up quite nicely. Yes, this serial is interconnected with the Titan series, but it stands alone and can be read independently of any of the Titan and Delta novels. You must, however, read all four novellas in this serial in order. The first three end in cliffhangers, with the one in the first book being the most evil of all. Book one is young adult (YA) and then the next three move into new adult (NA) territory, but I remained impressed with Cristin Harber's switch from her more adult stories to this younger demographic. I remained interested from the first to the fourth, with ratings being four stars, five stars, four stars, and five stars, averaging 4.5 stars for the Only series. ♥

Date Read: 13 March 2017

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