Review: Mercenary by Michelle Horst

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Mercenary is a romantic suspense novella written by Michelle Horst, and it also happens to be my first read from the author. I wouldn't necessarily tag this as an insta-love story, not with the main characters, Olivia Nicols and Mason Crowe, having been neighbors for several weeks and neither one really showing anything more than passing curiosity and maybe a mild case of attraction. There's even a point in the story where Olivia runs from Mason--and this was with him doing nothing more than walking behind her at a distance--which then leads to her not paying attention and getting hit by a car. Yep. This is why you're told to look left and right before crossing the street instead of blindly running through traffic because the guy you kinda have a thing for but are scared of is somewhere behind you. From that point on, Olivia's life changes drastically and it certainly was NOT for the better.

I'm torn over this novella because there were some parts of it that did entertain and intrigue me, while there were others that I felt almost cut off from whatever was happening with Olivia. I wasn't necessarily drawn to her or her plight after the accident. Maybe it's because I'm one of those people who thinks that pedestrians should be responsible enough when they're on the road as much as drivers should be. The shift from her wanting to get revenge on the drunk driver that hit her and then telling Mason--who is a vigilante, not a mercenary, because those are two entirely different things--not to kill someone he's been after for quite some time is sudden. No transition. Also, is Mason independently wealthy that he quits his job in order to be a vigilante? Maybe if this were a full-length tale, we could have had more development in character and story. As it is, Mercenary gets three stars. ♥

Release Date: 17 April 2017

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