Review: Just One Moment by Jami Wagner (Black Alcove #4)

Okay, I had no idea that there was a fourth book in the Black Alcove series by Jami Wagner until I signed up for a blog tour for turned out to be the fifth book. So, me being the stickler that I am for reading books in a series in order--even if they are supposedly standalones--I decided to read the fourth book before heading into the latest one. Just One Moment is about Skylar Atwood and Luke Warren, both of whom are trying to make do with the current circumstances of their respective lives. She was the girl who had everything she could have ever wanted at her fingertips...except control of her own life. So, she decides to go it on her own, cutting ties with her family. On the other hand, he's the guy who's still grieving the loss of his father, taking the reins and making sure that his mother and sisters are provided for, even if it may mean struggling with work and with finishing up his art degree. 

There's a lot of tension between Skylar and Luke, both the good and the not-so-good kind. This is, after all, an enemies-to-lovers story, a trope that I've enjoyed many a time, but I do confess that I struggled with this one, no thanks to how aimless Skylar and Luke appeared, almost as if neither one really had a set plan and just muddled along until life threw them a bone. It was difficult to actually like Luke because he clearly needed an adjustment to his personality. And yes, I get about his father passing and all the pressure that was on him, but while he couldn't control the former, he certainly could have done something alleviate the latter. When they finally did get together, though, it was far easier to actually see that they did fit well as a couple and the angst didn't feel too overwhelming. Just One Moment wasn't my favorite Black Alcove read but it was still okay, and it's getting 3.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 07 April 2017

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