Review: Goodnight My Angel by Sue Brown (Angel Enterprises #2)

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Goodnight My Angel is the sequel to the Angel Enterprises series starter, Morning My Angel, and picks up about a month after the events of the first book. Josh Cooper is settling into his new life in London, working with the agency that his boyfriend and now the owner of CDR, Callum Ross, used to be an undercover agent for. They may be in a relationship, but living on two different continents is taking its toll, and Cal knows he has to decide whether or not to call Seattle--where the business he's created and loves is based--home or if he should return to London to be with the only man he's ever loved--Josh. When Cal learns an attempt has been made on Josh's life, he drops everything to be with him, but soon, Cal is brought in by his former employer to dig deeper and get answers as to why agents and their loved ones are being targeted. Will Cal figure out who the killer is before more lives are lost?

Oh my. Everything that I loved about book one was taken up a couple of notches in book two. There's more action and suspense, and I think with everything that Cal and Josh were forced to face and deal with here--especially because of certain people who were being targeted--the romance aspect was in perfect proportion to everything else. I also realized that Jesse Waldron and Daniel Miller were part of another of Sue Brown's series--Lyon Road Vets--and because I'm curious about their story, I've got their book, Stormin' Norman, on my to-be-read list. This does end on a cliffhanger, and not everything is resolved either, so you could experience a bit of frustration. I did, and now I'm all antsy because I desperately need answers as to what's motivating the people behind this whole rash of murders. Can you tell how hooked I am on all things Charlie and Angel? 4.5 stars go to Goodnight My Angel. ♥


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Date Read: 01 April 2017

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