Review: Falling for Him by CL Mustafic

Note: This ARC was provided by NineStar Press in exchange for an honest review.

Falling for Him is one of those books that has me wondering if what I'm reading really has two adults as the main characters or if they're actually two pre-teens who giggle and bounce around a tad more than can be considered cutesy. Author CL Mustafic gives us a story about a soon-to-be divorced ophthalmologist still being tormented by his stalker-like estranged wife. He may still love her, but with the cheating and non-stop harassment, Dr. Gavin Addison is done. Officer Lex Turner knows all about the doctor's woes, what with being one of the officers often called out to handle the mess brought about by Gavin and his ex's pending divorce. Lex is oftentimes quiet around Gavin during those visits, but it's mostly due to his attraction to the handsome doctor. One threesome later, and the two forge an unlikely friendship of sorts. Soon, things appear to have gone past platonic straight into passionate. While Lex is bisexual, Gavin has always identified as straight. So, what's going on between these two? With a crazy ex-wife plus possible homophobia from certain quarters, can Gavin and Lex truly afford to fall in love?

Sigh. This had such potential. I was hoping for a story about self-discovery and what-not. Yes, there's still a bit of self-discovery, but goodness, this felt more like a young adult (YA) romance than one involving adults. There was a lot of giggling and even some bouncing about plus too much pouting than men should indulge in. I get that Gavin is only figuring out the fact that he may actually be bisexual or gay, but there were a number of times that his behavior had me thinking of the Backstreet Boys song "Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)" because it sure as heck felt like he was playing with Lex's heart. Gavin is a grown man, and while there may be confusion and some trepidation, I would have wished that he could have handled it all with some maturity and contemplation rather than acting like a child who didn't want to disappoint his mommy or clueless to the fact that his ex is a complete and utter and psycho instead of thinking he still loved her. The immaturity wasn't limited to him either, since his best friend was right there with him. Falling for Him was okay but I desperately wanted it to be more. Three stars. ♥ 

Release Date: 17 April 2017

Date Read: 16 April 2017

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