Review: Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

A pirate and a mafia princess. No, this isn't a historical romance nor is it something from the 70s where a godfather meant something different from the person who's chosen for a baby's baptism. This unique pairing is the brainchild of Airicka Phoenix and are the main characters of her latest standalone release, Blood Script. This was my first ever Airicka Phoenix read and she more than impressed me with this novel. The story was original, the characters had were like a nod to their stereotypes but with a modern-day flair and much more enigmatic and enticing, making for a far more entertaining read on my end. This was a fairly long book, clocking in at about three hundred pages, but it never felt long, meaning I was never tempted to skim or ever thought I was wasting my time.

When the opportunity to give his sister the vengeance and justice she deserves is presented to him, Captain James Crow is left with little choice but to agree to it. It would mean keeping his crew safe and hopefully lead to some peace with as far as his sister's death was concerned. After four years, James has reached the most important part of his plan for revenge and he needs Cora Harris for it to work. Taking the daughter of a mob boss and forcing her to agree to marry him sounded like a good direction to go into. Then he meets Cora and sees that she isn't some simpering female who will bow down to whatever dictates he throws her way. No, Cora has a mind of her own, a body made for every sinful thing James fantasizes to do to it, and a heart that could tempt his to totally fall for her.

There is so much more to this story than what the synopsis promises readers. Yes, this was about revenge and James saw Cora is nothing more than his pawn, but things change when feelings begin to get in the way. She's the light to his darkness, and there are certain truths that neither one of them are fully aware of. So, we've got the sex and romance, but there's also a fair bit of mystery and suspense and a good amount of action and tension. I loved James and Cora, flaws and all. They were a fascinating couple, and how they evolved from twenty-first century swashbuckling pirate and mafia princess to a man and woman who valued family and unexpectedly found love was the best part of this book. Blood Script get five stars and I look forward to reading even more from Airicka Phoenix. ♥

Date Read: 15 April 2017

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  1. Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing Blood Script! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. <3


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