Review: Anchor Me by J. Kenner (Stark #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

After quite a few novellas in the Stark Ever After spin-off series, J. Kenner is back with a full-length novel in the original Stark series. I have no clue if Anchor Me, the fourth release in the Stark series featuring Damien and Nikki Stark, but if it is the final installment, I do believe that it ended on just the right note. No cliffhangers, no side stories waiting to be resolved. This is the happily-ever-after that fans and readers--especially those of us who have followed Damien and Nikki's love story from the beginning--will appreciate and that some have probably been hoping for. I've enjoyed the short stories--which often ended in cliffhangers--but to have a full-length Stark story? Well, it was like waiting for the tooth fairy to show up with my reward. Okay, maybe not, but you get what I mean.

Damien and Nikki Stark are happily married, living the kind of life that countless other couples could only dream about. But even though they're living the dream, there are some nightmares that linger. Even when she's tempted to run away from all the shadows, Nikki knows her husband would valiantly chase them away. Damien is her dark knight, ready to slay any and every dragon that threatens their happiness. But then tragedy strikes--not just Nikki but Damien as well. They've faced many challenges to their relationship in the past, but this could be the biggest threat, one that could very well bring them to their knees. Everyone thought they lived the perfect life, but fate has chosen to test them. If they're to have a happy ending, Damien and Nikki will have to overcome their loss together.

If there were ever a couple that deserved some love, peace, and contentment, it would be these two, but maybe fate likes to mess with them a tad too much. With the release of each novella in the Stark Ever After spin-off, it was clear that Damien and Nikki would have several hurdles that they would need to get over sooner or later. As wealthy and powerful as Damien may be, there are just certain things that even he can't fix with a snap of his fingers, as he finds out here in book number four. But if it's one thing I absolutely adore about Damien, it's how much he loves Nikki and how he hurts when she hurts. She is his first priority, but what happens here affects both of them, and it's clear he, too, is hurting on his own. My heart ached for this couple and what they went through.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Damien and Nikki and how far they've come as a married couple. This was like the "what happens after the happily-ever-after" in a series, and I for one, appreciated it. Yes, they were pummeled by trial after trial in the first three full-length books, but they got to the end goal they were walking towards. Now that they're already there, what happens next? Well, that's what this fourth book answers. Anchor Me is quintessential J. Kenner and she didn't disappoint me with where she took Damien and Nikki's love story. It was also fun to see other characters in the Stark universe. That sneak peek at the first book in the newest Stark spin-off series has me eagerly awaiting its release! Anchor Me was sweet, sexy, and oh-so-Stark-y. Five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 12 April 2017

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