Review: 72 Hours by Bella Jewel

Note: This ARC was provided by Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

72 Hours is a romantic suspense novel from bestselling author Bella Jewel and it's about a couple who were once in a committed relationship before miscommunication and mistrust ended things and then they're forced to either work together or against each other if they're to survive 72 hours at the hands of a mad man. This isn't my first Bella Jewel read; it is, however, my favorite and the one I consider the author at her best. I've watched a couple of films and television shows that had a similar story line to the one here, but Jewel keeps the suspense steady and a reader like me curious as to how main characters Lara and Noah will outwit and outlast their captor, the man who wants them to run for their lives so that he can snuff out the ex-lovers in whatever diabolical way he wants to. Bryce believes he's found the perfect players. He's the hunter, and in 72 hours, Lara and Noah will truly be hunted.

Even if I knew the basic story line--a former couple being forced to play a game that involves staying one step ahead of their captor slash would-be killer in order to stay alive--I wanted to see how everything would play out. The author made sure to get her readers interested enough in Lara and Noah to become invested in them, both in terms of how things would fare out as they were being hunter by Bryce and whether they would work out their issues and see if they had a shot at being together once again. There are no easy fixes here nor do either Lara or Noah come out of the ordeal unscathed. Bella Jewel has proven that she does romantic suspense and she does it well. There are no motorcycle clubs here--a romance sub-genre that Jewel is known for--but the risk she's taken has paid off. This also has a snippet connected to her next romantic suspense standalone. Five stars go to 72 Hours. ♥

Release Date: 03 April 2017

Date Read: 02 April 2017

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