Review: Varsity Captain by Ginger Scott (Varsity #4)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

Ginger Scott did the near impossible--she's penned a retelling of a story that I loved last year, and she's made me fall in love with this new version. If you've read the earlier books in the Varsity series, then you'll recall the series starter, Varsity Heartbreaker, which was the story of June Mabee and Lucas Fuller, and told from the point-of view of June. This time around, Varsity Captain is told from the perspective of Lucas, and this young adult (YA) romance is about former best friends who drifted away when Lucas cut off all ties with June. Two years pass, and the girl who transferred schools is back. It may have only been a couple of years, but everyone has changed, especially June and Lucas. So much history--both good and bad--stands between the two. Will history repeat itself?

Retelling a story that many readers have liked and loved from the POV of the other main character carries with it a risk. Impressions of certain characters may change, which could go either way, but Ginger Scott managed to have this story and these characters that I've already met and have me appreciate them in a whole new light. Sure, there were still those moments where the urge to shake Lucas were strong, but being able to see things from his perspective made things interesting. New readers can go into this without reading Varsity Heartbreaker or any of the other Varsity books; but if you're familiar with all things Varsity, especially the series starter, then you could find yourself falling in love with June, Lucas, and their story all over again, just like me. Varsity Captain gets 4.5 stars.


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Date Read: 17 October 2021

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