Review: Varsity Rulebreaker by Ginger Scott (Varsity #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

Ginger Scott wraps up her young adult (YA) sports romance series, Varsity, with the third and final novel, Varsity Rulebreaker. Seventeen-year-old Hollis Taylor may be the new coach's daughter, but she's every bit as good as any of the guys vying for the catcher position on Public High's baseball team. She's ready to break whatever rules necessary in order to get what she wants and what she wants is to be the team's catcher. So what if she's a girl, and so what if the shoo-in for pitcher and last year's starting catcher are cousins and best friends who have a great relationship on the baseball field? She's also not going to let it bother her that said pitcher, seventeen-year-old Cannon Jennings, kissed her on New Year's, but now he's nothing like the sweet guy she met then. She may not have been a part of his plans, but she's about to show him she has plans of her own.

One of my favorite things about Ginger Scott's sports romances is that she doesn't skimp on whatever chosen sport she features in her current book. Yes, the romance is there and she always does that part well, but thank goodness she gives the same attention to the sport and doesn't leave it in the background. Then there are her characters, and with Scott being so darn adept at writing young adult, her teenaged main characters feel authentic, as was the case with Hollis and Cannon. There were moments of maturity, and there were moments where they truly did act their age and made me want to give them a good shake. Hey, we were all teenagers once (and maybe some of you out there reading this review are still in that age group), so I could relate and empathize with them. I appreciated Hollis's drive to show that her gender didn't mean she required special treatment nor that she should be overlooked because of it. Kudos to the author for a memorable series and set of characters in Varsity. Varsity Rulebreaker receives four stars.


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Date Read: 11 October 2020

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