Release Blitz: Whisperwind by Cat Porter

(The Wind & the Roar #3)
by Cat Porter
Release Date: October 20, 2021

About Whisperwind
Violet is mine.

We’re meant for each other. So damn good together.

She may be stubborn, but so am I, and I won’t let go. I’m determined to make her mine.

I won’t let anything tear us apart.

I've fallen in love for the first time, and I won’t let distance or secrets from the past get in my way, or fame or ex-lovers come between us.

This time, I’m not leaving anything to fate.

Not my band, not our new album, and definitely not my woman.

Whisperwind is the third book of The Wind & the Roar Trilogy and should be read following Freefall, book one, and Whirlwind, book two.

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An Excerpt from Whisperwind
“Why is she sexting you? Is that what we’re doing here? Are you sleeping with other people?” My insides tightened. “Are you—”

“No, baby. There’s only you.”

“But isn’t that what you’re into? An open-to-all-the-possibilities-and-all-the-people way of life like you had with Mae?”

“When she broke it off with me, it was a real knife to the artery. It made me look in the mirror, and I was surprised by what I saw. I didn’t like it. Hollow, tired, disconnected. Hungry for something. Didn’t know what. And I had nowhere to land. No one to trust. I didn’t realize how much I craved that. With you, I found all that and more. So much more.”

My lungs burned. “She still wants you.”

“I don’t want her. I don’t want anybody else. I want you. There’s only you, Violet.” His hard gaze met mine. “And how about you? Is there only me or are you…” He swallowed hard. He couldn’t say the words. “I guess we should have had this conversation before we had unprotected sex—”

“There’s only you.”

His chest expanded on a deep inhale, his eyes softening. “We’re together. I need to hear you say it, baby.”

I grinned. “Capital fucking T, baby.”


“We’re together.”

A noise escaped his throat, and a smirk slashed his lips as he brought his attention to his phone, tapping and typing. He gave me his phone, and I read his text back to Mae.

“Not interested. Not at all. I’m in a committed monogamous relationship and very happy.”

I bit my lip. This was for real. We were for real. 

Me and Beck Lanier.

About Cat Porter
A daydreamer, quiet on the outside, crazy on the inside, Cat Porter is a New Yorker who lives on a beach in beautiful Greece with her three teens and three Cane Corsos. A lifelong compulsive scribbler, a lip-biting romantic, an optimist with a twist and a twisted imagination. Obsessed with emotional epics, intense, complicated anti-heroes who fall for bold, determined women fighting for their redemption and happy ever afters. Plus fine whiskey and strong coffee. And she doesn’t want to be cured of any of those. Ever. 

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