Review: Nightshade by Keri Lake

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions.

"Are the morals of man always so black and white, Miss Ravenshaw? I have killed in ways that would seem merciless, and have loved just as ruthlessly." 
"You loved. Therefore, you must have goodness in your heart." 
"A villain is quite capable of love. It's only the matter of what he's willing to sacrifice that love which separates him from a good man."

Okay, confession time! I wasn't a huge fan of Keri Lake's last two gothic romances. Don't hurt me! I love her romantic suspense and dystopian romances, but there was something about Master of Salt & Bones and The Isle of Sin & Shadows that didn't hit me as much as I thought they would. Lake's writing was still enticing and I was intrigued, but I wasn't as emotionally invested as I'd been with my previous reads from her. So, admittedly, I was a teeny tiny bit nervous diving into Nightshade, which is the latest gothic romance from this author, and I didn't have to get to the end to think four simple words to myself--Third time's the charm!

Nightshade introduces readers to Farryn Ravenshaw and Jericho Van Croix and while this book is, hands down, the longest that I've read so far this year, it only tells part of their story. Yes, there is a sequel, something I wasn't aware of going into this. However, there isn't a traditional cliffhanger. I think of it more as a pause, with the story ending at a point where it's more "happy for now" than "happily ever after". Think of it as the author leaving the reader, but in the best way possible. My lone suggestion before diving into this would be to block out a day or two for this novel. It's a lengthy and intense read and deserves your sole attention from start to finish. It's perfect for some weekend reading. I'm giving Nightshade five-plus stars.

Release Date: 29 October 2021

Date Read: 29 October 2021

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