Review: Tie Me Down by Michelle Hazen (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll #2.5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.

Could Michelle Hazen written an epilogue to Playing the Pauses that was the usual exclamation point to the happy ending main characters Daniel O'Neil and Kate Madsen? Sure, and I would have happily continued reading the second full-length novel in her Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll series. But Tie Me Down was exactly the kind of extended epilogue that a story like Danny and Kate's deserved. This was the "what happens after happily-ever-after" and it's a reminder that while life doesn't come with any guarantees, true love--the kind that Danny and Kate found together--is worth fighting for and that was once "his" and once "hers" becomes "theirs".

Long distance relationships aren't the easiest. Danny and Kate are very much in love and when Kate left to work with the biggest female rock star on the planet, she and Danny were both aware of the challenges that they would be facing. But then neither one realized just how difficult everything would be without the one person they loved most by their side for weeks and months on end. Danny wants Kate to chase after her dreams, but when the fulfillment of one particular threatens to keep her away for far longer than either of them anticipated, he's unsure of how to handle things. Will Kate be forced to choose between the man she loves and her dreams?

This series has become more and more addictive with each new book that the author releases, and I still haven't gotten around to reading the prequel! I liked seeing Danny and Kate struggling with their new normal, and that may sound like a weird thing to say, but if they're able to overcome the new hurdles before them, then they're an ever more solid couple than they were at the end of Playing the Pauses. We also get bits of Jax Sterling and the woman he's going to be paired up with in his own book coming soon but they never steal the spotlight from Danny and Kate. Once again, Michelle Hazen leaves me happily sated. 4.5 stars for Tie Me Down. ♥


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Date Read: 18 May 2018

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