Review: The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I liked my first Louise Bay read in 2016 while my second one in 2017 faltered a tad. It's now 2018 and after I finished reading Bay's newest standalone contemporary romance, it's easily become my favorite so far. The Ruthless Gentleman has a hint of mystery in the midst of the intriguing romance that develops between a twenty-six-year-old American chief stewardess for luxury superyachts and a thirty-two-year-old British businessman who specializes in acquisitions. I can't recall a love story that I've read that was set on a superyacht, especially one that had the kind of tension that this had lingering from start to its swoony finish.

In the seven years that Avery Walker has worked on superyachts, she's used to being made aware of and catering to almost any and every whim that clients have. When Hayden Wolf books an eight-week charter, his one and only demand is privacy. He has no other guests accompanying him and he's hand-picked every member of the yacht's staff, making sure they were vetted by his security expert brother. He needs to be extra careful and extra wary as he pursues the biggest deal his company has ever dared go after. He's tried to be prepared for any eventuality, but he was never prepared to be drawn to Avery, and she's just as enticed by him. But if they pursue their attraction, it may cost Avery her job and Hayden his deal...and eventually, their hearts.

From the moments both characters were introduced to the point that they finally give in to their lust for one another and then the realization that they were in love up till when everything fell apart and then ultimately came back together, I was all in. Hayden and Avery were the kind of couple that you couldn't look away from. Their story demanded my full attention and that was exactly what they got. In return, I got myself a great romance that had some intrigue with it thanks to some corporate espionage that was going on. The book also had some memorable supporting characters--from Hayden's brother and Avery's father and brother to the rest of the staff and crew aboard the yacht, the story was further enhanced by these characters that helped push it forward. Five stars for The Ruthless Gentleman, and I hope Louise Bay's future releases are as good as this one! ♥

Release Date: 08 May 2018

Date Read: 07 May 2018

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