Review: One More Time by Laurelin Paige

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Candi Kane PR in exchange for an honest review.

I'm used to Laurelin Paige writing more angsty, darker stories, so One More Time felt different in a totally good way. This had a more lighthearted touch to it--a second chance love story between twenty-nine former model and (still) aspiring actress Jenna Stahl and thirty-one-year-old Hollywood actor Tanner James. They were once the "it" couple with the cutesy nickname of "Janner", but everything fell apart when Tanner was caught cheating on Jenna. Ten years later, Jenna is struggling to have a successful career as an actress, then an offer comes through for her to have the lead role. The catch? She's co-starring with none other than her ex, Tanner. This could be the project that finally launches her acting career, but will Jenna be able to keep her emotions in check while working with the guy who broke her heart and could do so again? On the other hand, Tanner wonders if the time has come for him to give the explanation he never had the opportunity to a decade ago. Jenna seems to have changed, but his feelings for her are still the same. Can love find a way one more time for Team Janner?

A couple trying to resolve their differences in private is difficult enough, but imagine if you had to do it with people watching your every move. I couldn't fathom the kind of pressure you'd have on you to play nice, and while Tanner and Jenna were professionals who had to be on their best behavior while in front of the camera, they were also real people with real feelings, both good and bad. That added element of being public figures with very public personas was part of what made this more of a standout read for me. Of course, you add to that Laurelin Paige's ever-reliable ability to weave a story that has romance and sex and I'm a satisfied reader. Both Tanner and Jenna were highly likable main characters, and while I knew that I was in for a happily-ever-after, the road getting their wasn't necessarily an easy one for these two, not with ten years of no communication and a whole lot of resentment lingering between them. So yes, there is a hint of angst, but there's a whole lot of sexy banter as well as sweet moments, making One More Time a five-starred read for me. ♥

Date Read: 04 May 2018

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