Review: Keeping 6 by Freya Barker (Rock Point #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

One of my favorite things about Freya Barker's books is that her characters are older, and the fact that their stories aren't overly fluffy romances brings a smile to my face. With her new Rock Point series, Barker gives her readers more of that balance of romance and suspense that we've come to know and love. Things kick off with Keeping 6, we have bookstore owner Kerry Emerson starting the next phase of her life. She's kissed her disaster of a marriage goodbye and is saying hello to the new expansion of her business. When she spots federal agent Damian Gomez darkening her store's doorway, Kerry isn't exactly thrilled. Damian, however, notes the now missing wedding ring from the always feisty Kerry's hand, and is looking forward to finally pursuing his attraction to her. Unfortunately, his latest investigation involves the illegal trafficking of rare books and manuscripts and the woman he wants could also end becoming wanted by the authorities. Damian needs to keep his distance if he wants to be able to focus on his investigation sans his own personal feelings. However, fate seems to have other plans for these two individuals.

Kerry and Damian were introduced in one of the author's previous series, Cedar Tree, and after the intense manner in which their lives initially intersected, it seems that destiny is finding ways to hook them up time and again. Both in their forties, these two are set in their ways, so they aren't exactly the sort of people who find all that easy to throw caution to the wind and be adventurous. They're far more cautious, especially given their life's experiences and circumstances. There are moments wherein both Kerry and Damian are stubborn and ornery, but you can still see that there's that underlying attraction--a firm and undeniable connection--that lingers between them. The romance here was good, but it was the suspense part that really had me on the edge of my seat. Barker has never failed to deliver when it comes to pulse-pounding excitement as a mystery demands to be solved and as the characters are driven to find out what's going on before the bad guys and equally bad stuff overtakes and overwhelms them. Keeping 6 certainly opens this series with a proverbial bang and I'm excited for more! 4.5 stars! ♥

Date Read: 10 May 2018

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