Review: Hard to Get by Jaclyn Quinn (Haven's Cove #2)

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Oh my Gucci! Two books in and I'm as invested as ever in all things Haven's Cove and it's pretty safe to say that Jaclyn Quinn is fast becoming a go-to author for me. I loved reading the series starter, Hard to Let Go, and though that was wholly Owen Richards and Brody Walker's love story, I also something brewing between Brody's best friend, Gabriel D'Angelo, and Brody's contractor, Nathan Black. It was pretty clear that Gabe was lusting after Nate, and Nate was trying to get as far away from the very persistent advances being thrown his way by Gabe. In Hard to Get, the second novel in the Haven's Cove series, we delve even deeper and get to know these two even better. They've both got their own painful back stories to share, but could a happy ending be in the offing for them or will Gabe's playboy ways and well-to-do background have Nate pegging him as not-worth-it?

No matter what anyone else tells him, Gabe D'Angelo is convinced that Nate Black is gay. So what if he's got a wedding ring on his finger? What does it matter if he's overheard the guy talking on the phone in a loving manner to someone named Lily? Neither means he isn't gay, and as far as Gabe's concerned, he intends to make Nate his no matter how hard the thirty-four-year-old contractor pushes him away. The thing is, Nate isn't playing hard to get. He just wants the thirty-five-year-old guy with a silver spoon in his mouth to leave him be. Doesn't he get that Nate isn't the least bit interested in getting together with a spoiled, entitled man like Gabe? But Gabe doesn't take "no" for an answer, and once he set his sights on Nate, there was no turning back for him. Will Nate see past Gabe's wealth and privilege to get to know the caring man that has been there all along?

I loved this second in a series! I was a wee bit worried I wouldn't like Gabe all that much, mainly because I'm more of like Nate--quiet and wary, who doesn't really like being badgered into anything. He managed to win my affections within the first couple of chapters though, and the more I got to know him, the more Gabe become one of my favorite characters in this series. Then there was Nate, who ended up being the guy I wanted to shake a time or two. He had preconceived notions in his head about the kind of guy Gabe was, no thanks to a painful experience he went through a few years prior to his move from Boston to Haven's Cove. He was slow to trust but even when he already did trust Gabe, making baseless assumptions were his go-to setting, so he could get rather frustrating. That doesn't mean, though, that I didn't like him. I did! Nate was perfect for Gabe.

As was the case in the first book, this second one highlighted that feeling of community and family amidst the love story that was being told. Jaclyn Quinn did a fantastic job putting together a romance that had an enemies-to-lovers feel to it, even though the "enemies" thing was more one-sided than anything. I wish I could mention a couple of other specific characters and moments in the book that made me fall even more in love with this book, but I can't for fear of spoiling the story for those of you who have yet to pick this one up. What I will tell you is that Quinn has proven again that she knows how to write an M/M romance that has as much heart as it does heat and that she's able to allow both currently available books stand on their own yet still tie them in as part of a series. I can't wait to get my hands on the third novel! Hard to Get easily receives five out of five stars. ♥


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Date Read: 02 May 2018

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