Review: Doppelganger by Heather M. Orgeron

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Four novels in and I still can't get enough of Heather M. Orgeron's writing! While she may have launched her career with an angsty, heavy read, everything that's followed so far has been romantic comedy fare, her latest one included. Doppelbanger is the follow-up to Boomerangers, which was released in April of last year and featured the story of the now-married Cooper and Spencer Hebert. This time around, the spotlight turns towards thirty-five-year-old Gina Bourque, sex therapist, godmother to Cooper and Spencer's children, and not-so-reluctant (nor repentant) cougar. Gina was introduced as Spencer's best friend whom she shared a practice with in Boomerangers, but you don't need to read that book in order to enjoy this new one (although I'm highly recommending you check out that rom-com gem because it was such a hoot to read and was a 2017 favorite).

Gina Bourque prefers her men in their twenties and she's definitely got a type: dark hair, tan skin, and whiskey-colored eyes. She isn't looking for a boyfriend and she has no dreams of a settling down with a husband, children, and white picket fence. She's a one and done kind of woman and she makes no apologies. So why is it she's so taken with thirty-eight-year-old widower Jeffrey Ryan and his two daughters, fourteen-year-old Evangeline and three-year-old Willow? All their paths cross during a cruise that Gina takes her godsons--fifteen-year-old twins Landon and Lark plus four-year-old Kyle, who's earned his nickname of Savage--on. Landon is smitten with Vangie, and Willow's called dibs on future husband Kyle. And Gina? Well, she has no qualms banging Jeff. It's just sex, after all, but catching feelings for the guy who's so not her type is the beginning of the end for Gina's life as she knows it. And Jeff? Well, he may have nicknamed the feisty pixie "Tinkerbell", but she's no fairy. If anything, the woman who's nothing like his late wife has him--and his daughters--bewitched.

This book was an absolute hoot of a read! I loved how Gina was every bit the kind of woman who went after what and who she wanted and refused to be slut-shamed simply because she enjoyed sex and wasn't in a committed relationship. There were certain moments in the book where I seriously wanted to smack Jeff upside the head, and while I get that he was feeling guilty over lusting and then loving Gina after swearing he would never want to be with any woman the way he was with his late wife, he treated Gina like she had the plague. Ugh. But he did manage to get his head--and heart--on straight, so all's well that ends well (and kudos to Gina for making him work for it!). I adored the side story regarding Landon and Vangie and the precocious twosome that was Kyle and Willow. The appearances of Cooper and Spencer allowed fans and readers of their story to catch up with them and have a look-see as to where they are in their current lives as a couple and family. What I felt was the one hiccup had to do with Kyle since there were moments wherein he spoke as if he were an adult, and then other times where he really sounded like the four-year-old that he was. Other than that, though, I enjoyed every single bit of Doppelbanger, and can't wait to see where this author takes readers next. Five stars! ♥

Release Date: 03 May 2018

Date Read: 02 May 2018

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