Review: Corruption by Kim Fielding (Bureau #1)

Note: This ebook was provided by the author via Other Worlds Ink in exchange for an honest review.

The three Kim Fielding books I previously read--Staged and The Little Library--and listened to--Rattlesnake--showcased the author's diversity, so going into her Bureau series, I shouldn't have been surprised by the unconventionality of the stories, yet I was. I read these novellas in one sitting, and that may not seem like much of a feat considering the length of each one of these stories, but each one had me so enthralled that nothing could have diverted my attention had they bothered to try. Well, maybe my dog because he doesn't like it when he doesn't come first, but that would have been the one exception; thank goodness he was asleep throughout!

The first Bureau story I read was Corruption, and it was about Tenrael, a demon who used to enjoy freedom and flight as well as bringing fright to the dreams of humans...until he was captured and claimed and the later sold until finally landing as the main attraction in a traveling carnival's freak show. His captivity was filled with pain in the form of torture and rape as well as longing for someone to want him for him. And then came along Charles Grimes, who was human...yet not quite as human as you would think. He was sent by the Bureau Trans-Species Affair to locate a demon and neutralize the potential threat, but Tenrael may prove to be a threat only to what Charles was trained to believe that "different" was abhorrent and monstrous, and a danger to humans.

There is a fair amount of abuse and assault placed upon Tenrael, and while he may not be human, this sort of thing remains the same--abuse and assault, so I'm going to mention those as trigger warnings. This was a story that startled me, both with what was done to Tenrael by his owner and handlers in the carnival and with the direction the short tale took. Charles is only half-human as well, and there's something about him that makes him an unknown, and I think that his boss at the Bureau recognized that. This was an extremely quick read, but there's enough development for both the main characters and the story itself to satisfy me. My one regret was that I wished something was done to those men at the carnival in terms of retribution, but let's just chalk that up to my need for bloodlust when it comes to reprehensible characters. Corruption receives 4.5 stars from me. ♥

Date Read: 13 May 2018

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