Review: Bro Code by Kendall Ryan

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This! This is my favorite Kendall Ryan read of the far! After all, we've got seven more months to go, and the author's already announced several more titles she'll be releasing, so you never know, but for right now, Bro Code checked off everything on my must-have romance read list, and I am a very happy camper. This falling-for-your-best-friend's-sibling romance is a standalone, and it has a thirty-year-old lawyer named Barrett Wilson who's had a crush on his best friend Nick Saunders's twenty-five-year-old younger sister, Ava, for years. What Barrett doesn't know is that the crush is very much mutual. However, in as much as these two have a thing for each other, neither can do much about it, believing that becoming romantically involved would cause problems in Barrett's friendship with Nick. It's in the bro code, and some codes aren't meant to be matter how much Barrett is tempted to do so. But when the Saunders-owned factory Ava has taken over is faced with a hostile takeover and financial woes, will Barrett step in and let his feelings be known for his girl's sake?

I have a love-hate thing going on with this particular trope. I love when there are very mutual feelings going on between the two people involve, especially went they're rather clueless just how mutual those feelings have been for years. The part that I hate, though, has to do with the non-pursuit of said feelings for fear of how it would impact the friendship that exists between the best friends. I mean, I get it, especially because the sibling simply doesn't want their younger/older sibling to get hurt, but it's not as if there's an intention to hurt, but hey, that's just me. Told you it was a love-hate thing. But I digress! In as much as I'm iffy at times when it comes to this trope, Kendall Ryan did what only a few have been able to before, and that was to get me to set aside any and all of my apprehensions and simply fall in love with the characters and their story. I loved that Barrett and Ava aren't teenagers who are still trying to figure their way into adulthood. These are two mature individuals who have plans for their lives, so the story isn't saddled with unnecessary teen angst and whining.

This book was a romance, but it was also a story about family, and how someone like Ava is willing to set aside her own ambitions to continue on the legacy that her father started, and how someone like Barrett who felt like an outsider in the family he was born into found family with the Saunders clan. See, here it wasn't about Barrett fearing he would lose Nick's friendship should he become involved with Ava and it doesn't work out; he felt he was also going to risk losing the only family he's ever truly known. The author did a fantastic job interspersing the idea of family with the romance, and I appreciated how Ava's family handled everything, and by everything I mean the burgeoning relationship between Ava and Barrett but also the whole situation regarding the factory, which provided a lot of the understated drama in the story. If you're a fan of Kendall Ryan's this new novel of hers felt like a notch above her already released 2018 books; if you've never read anything by her, I happily recommend you check this latest release out if you're a reader of all things romance. Five stars go to Bro Code. ♥

Release Date: 01 May 2018

Date Read: 01 May 2018

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