Review: Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent (Embrace Tomorrow #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

After the heartstopping cliffhanger ending of the first book, Amy Argent has just released the awe-inspiring conclusion to her Embrace Tomorrow duet. Fair warning: Come Back Tomorrow MUST be read prior to Whatever Tomorrow Brings. If you've yet to read the first book, you may come across something spoiler-like in this review because there is a continuing story line. Consider this a heads-up if you choose to continue with my review.

Will Everson made a life-changing choice when he learned his lymphoma was back yet again. When Tori Somerset set foot inside his hospital room, he had no idea just how much she would tilt his world off its axis. It was because of her that he made a last-minute decision. Will wanted to live because he needed to be with Tori, but beating cancer one more time would be an uphill battle. Will these two make it through together?

The journey to one's happily-ever-after is never guaranteed to be easy or free of hurdles, and Will and Tori proved it. But the journey they took, no matter how difficult, was one that they made the choice to take TOGETHER, and my heart went along with them. This duet may be Amy Argent's first foray into writing romance, but it is one that I cannot recommend enough. Five stars for Whatever Tomorrow Brings as well as for the full duet.

Date Read: 07 October 2021

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