Review: Between Now and Heartbreak by Dylan Allen (Forever #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.

“I wish I didn't love you. I'm sick of lies and the people who tell them. I'm done dangling from your thread while you work out whatever. It's time for me to go back home.”

If anyone out there happens to find my heart, I'd like it back, please. However, I suspect I'm only going to actually get it back once I get the third book in Dylan Allen's Forever trilogy because its been taken hostage by the epic love story of Carter Bosh and Elisabeth Wells. Maybe it's because I told the author in my review for the series starter to just take my heart already or maybe it's simply because Between Now and Heartbreak lived up to its title. This book was so damn heartrending, and I kind of expected it already since that's what tends to happen with trilogies involving a continuing story line with the same couple, but gah! I should have been better prepared for crying jags!

They say that there are no secrets in a small town, but there appear to be some vital ones in Carter Bosh's life and all he wants is to learn the truth about who he really is and where he came from. However, Elisabeth Wells wishes she could run from the truth that is her life, needing desperately to get away from the very person who a child should be able to run to. They were never meant to be together, but once their paths crossed, there was no going back. Unfortunately, a happy ending is never truly guaranteed and heartbreak turns out to become an inevitability.

It's always difficult to write reviews where I'm just itching to properly explain why a book has moved me the way this one has and which moments touched me the most. However, I always try to keep my reviews spoiler-free because the last thing I want to do is spoil the book for anyone who has yet to read it (although, yes, I do know there are readers who don't mind spoilers and some who actively look for them in reviews). Dylan Allen continues to impress me with her impeccable storytelling in this trilogy, and if the bar was high after the first book, it's even higher with this second one. There's no denying that Carter and Elisabeth deserve their happily-ever-after, but Between Now and Heartbreak reminds me that struggles can make a person--or a couple--stronger. Five-plus stars! ♥


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Date Read: 06 November 2019

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