Review: The World's Worst Boyfriend by Erika Kelly (Bad Boyfriend #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Well now, I do believe I've found my favorite Erika Kelly hero in twenty-three-year-old Fin Bowie, the youngest among the four Bowie brothers who are the focus of the author's new series, Bad Boyfriend, and starts off with The World's Worst Boyfriend, a second-chance romance between Fin and the only girl he's ever loved, twenty-three-year-old Calliope Bell. They were the best of friends and were a couple all throughout high school, with plans to go to the same college. But one choice Fin makes has everything between them coming to a screeching halt. Six years spent apart--of Fin trying to reach out to explain and make amends and of Callie keeping her distance and recreating herself sans the one boy who held and crushed her heart. And then Callie's older brother who just happens to be Fin's best friend is set to get married, and Fin knows it's now or never if he hopes to win Callie back. But everything goes awry when one post on social media leads to an infamous hashtag and then the creation of a meme. It could be the very thing that Callie needs to deal with her feelings for Fin, but it spells disaster for her ex.

Ah, Fin. The guy was such a wonderful surprise because he was nothing like I expected him to be. If I'm being honest here, he's the biggest reason I loved the book as much as I did. And then there were his brothers--Will, Brodie, and Gray--who all had a shared love of extreme sports and family yet each one had a distinct enough personality that had me curious and wanting to get to know them better as the author moves the Bad Boyfriend forward. It took a good, long while for me to warm up to Callie. I understood her feelings of hurt regarding what Fin did when they were teenagers, but the fact that she also limited the time she came back to their hometown, thereby limiting her visits with her parents and family, and later on the family that her brother has, felt more selfish as time passed. And then there was her initial handling of her exhibit, but yes, Callie did win me over, even though those warm feelings cooled off at one point near the end of the book. The combination of first love found again and family made The World's Worst Boyfriend an easy, breezy but touching read over the weekend. 4.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 03 April 2018

Date Read: 01 April 2018

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