Review: Chaser by Kylie Scott (Dive Bar #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for an honest review.

One of my most anticipated releases this year is finally out! Chaser, book three in the Dive Bar series penned by bestselling author Kylie Scott, is the much awaited story of Eric Collins, one of the three owners of the eponymous setting of the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho bar the cast of characters spend a lot of their time at. At nearly thirty, Eric is sick and tired of being seen as nothing more than an immature playboy who spends more time decided who his next conquest will be than carrying his weight of responsibility of the business. Maybe it's time he, at the very least, find himself a girlfriend, or maybe he could give taking a sabbatical from sleeping around a shot. When he meets Florida native and new Coeur d'Alene transplant Jean Antal, he's immediately attracted to her, but the twenty-two-year-old is not only very much pregnant, but Eric's warned off by a common friend of theirs. Eric is okay with being relegated to just friends, and he's there for Jean and baby Ada. He's falling hard and fast for mother and child, but can he prove that he's in it for the long haul or will his reputation chase Jean and Ada all the way back to Florida?

Eric is one of those supporting characters whose presence is stronger than most, and I've been curious as to what--or who!--it would take for him to get his act together. Now, while the guy may be deserving of the teasing and moments of disbelief when he says he's going to be a good boy (my words, not his), I wasn't a fan of the treatment he received from Nell time and again. Yes, Nell's opinion of Eric was well-founded, but it felt more like she was determined to see him as nothing more than his reputation rather than be open to the possibility that he could actually grow up and be a mature member of society, or at least their circle of friends. But this book isn't about Nell; it was about Eric and Jean, and these two had an unexpected path to happily-ever-after. I liked that she wasn't a pushover and that they took things slow, becoming friends first before anything romantic or intimate took place. I loved how Eric was with Ada, and the cameo appearance by the Stage Dive couples was very much appreciated on my end. As always, Kylie Scott delivers a lighthearted and entertaining love story with Chaser, which gets 4.5 stars. ♥


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Date Read: 21 April 2018

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