Review: Unmasked Dreams by LJ Evans (Anchor Suspense #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Experience has taught me that LJ Evans knows how to write romance, and not just any ordinary romance. She knows how to tug at your heartstrings without overdoing it, all while giving readers thoughtful and enticing stories with main characters that you can't help but fall in love with. Her newest release, Unmasked Dreams, though, has an added element to it--suspense--and I do love me my romantic suspense reads! Now, the main characters here were supporting characters in Avenged by Love, but just like that book and all the rest in the Anchor series, this new book does well as a standalone quite nicely.

Unmasked Dreams is the story of Violet Banner and Dawson Langley (the younger siblings of Jersey Banner and Travis, aka Truck, respectively, from Avenged by Love). When they first met, she was only sixteen, and any thoughts and feelings he had for her were the sort that he couldn't act on, not when he happened to be six years older than her. Violet had left her mark on him, but Dawson left one on her as well. Five years, they both find themselves back in New London. A lot has changed, but the connection they once shared is still very much there. Dawson realizes pursuing Violet is an inevitability, but he's got secrets, and they're the kind that may jeopardize what they've started to create together.

There's this wonderful mix of subtlety and intensity in this book, which is a testament to how gifted of an author LJ Evans is. She had me falling in love with Violet and Dawson, and their story held me captive from start to finish. I love it when an author keeps me on my toes, especially given that I tend to come up with theories as to what's really going on and what may happen next. Evans has waded into the romantic suspense genre with Unmasked Dreams, and the writing is oh-so-fine, so fingers crossed for more. Five stars.

Release Date: 05 April 2021

Date Read: 05 April 2021

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