Review: Rebellious by Kristy Marie (The Commander Legacies #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

Two things off the bat: This book is AWESOME, and I'm going to need to read the Commander in Briefs series ASAP. Yes, I know. I'm a sad, sad, SAD human being for not having read Kristy Marie's previous work prior to heading into this spin-off starter, but I did read the two standalones that have ties to this new release--IOU and Subscriber Wars--so I'm not that much of a loser. All that being said, I'm happy to report that if you're new to this author or, like me, you've yet to read the Commander in Briefs books, you can still dive into Rebellious and fully appreciate the friends-to-lovers story of Aspen and Bennett.

When two-year-old Aspen Von Bremen held newborn Bennett Jameson in her arms, she knew he was hers. Over the years, they became constants in each other's lives. Their families were intertwined, but Aspen and Bennett were a wholly separate entity. As they grew older, these best friends began to feel something more, but Bennett couldn't afford to risk tipping the balance. That's why they have rules in place. Now twenty-three, Aspen asks twenty-one-year-old Bennett for one summer without rules. Just one summer before she finally allows herself to let go of the boy she's always loved--the same boy who can't afford to choose the girl who's always owned his heart and the family that they both love.

This book had so much tension that I felt like I was at the edge of my seat at times, waiting to see if Aspen would be able to nudge Bennett just enough for him to finally act on his feelings--feelings that were oh-so-mutual. Talk about this girl having the patience of a saint, even though a lot of the stuff she wanted to do with her guy was rather sinful. I loved the honest-to-goodness friendship these two shared as much as I did the bond between the Von Bremens and the Jamesons. I'm definitely going to be checking out the origin stories to be found in the Commander in Briefs series, but I also cannot wait to read more from the Commander Legacies spin-off. I'm giving Rebellious a deserving five stars.

Release Date: 30 April 2021

Date Read: 30 April 2021

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