Review: Foes & Cons by Carrie Aarons

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Foes & Cons is a young adult (YA) bully romance from Carrie Aarons, and while I've grown tired of the trope the past year or so, Aarons thankfully didn't spend too much time focusing on the bullying part. The whole bully equals alpha thing with a simpering female who forgives said bully's transgressions towards her all too easily is just meh, but this author has added her own touches to make it a story that I actually enjoyed reading.

Blair Oden and Sawyer Roarke were once best friends who had feelings for each other--feelings neither one of them acted on--until Blair found Sawyer's list of pros and cons of dating her. With her heart hurting, Blair decides to humiliate Sawyer very publicly, destroying their friendship in the process. He's spent the past two years tormenting her as payback, but now that they're seniors, things are about to change once again for them.

It's important to remember that Blair and Sawyer were teenagers, so my expectations of them have to be adjusted accordingly. Yes, there were moments where I was sorely tempted to lock them both in a room so they can get it all out, but again, they were teens who tended to react based on emotion and needed to work on their communication skills. Carrie Aarons' writing has left me quite entertained yet again. Four stars for Foes & Cons.

Date Read: 30 April 2021

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