Review: The Love Interest by Kayley Loring

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing Solutions.

"Loving someone else doesn't mean you didn't love her."

Let me tell you one true sentence: This book is everything that I love about reading romance. In a world where story lines are recycled and predictable, Kayley Loring is that beacon that gives me hope for creativity and originality in a genre as saturated as romance. Her latest standalone is the newest bit of proof, and goodness me, but how this book was such a darn delight to read! The title is The Love Interest and it claim both my love and interest, but that shouldn't be a surprise when a book is simply this well-written. This also happens to be a standalone, so if you're new to the author, go forth and peruse!

Who says bestselling authors don't experience writer's block? Thirty-five-year-old Emmett Ford has been struggling with the next book in his successful action thriller series. He desperately needs a spark of inspiration, and who would have thought he'd find it in a diner in the wee hours of the morning while indulging in a milkshake in honor of his first love? Fiona Walker was unexpected, and for the first time in a decade, Emmett is drawn to a woman. But being with this spitfire comes with complications. Not only is she ten years younger than him, but she's also an aspiring romance novelist enrolled in an MFA Creative Writing Program. And Emmett just happens to be one of her professors.

THIS BOOK WAS EVERYTHING!!! It's so not fair for a book to be this good because the hangover that comes after stays with you, and everything else you read fails in comparison. Fiona and Emmett's story is an honest-to-goodness romance that has Kayley Loring's brand of wit and humor to it, which I find so refreshing. Then there's that hint of angst that creates that perfect balance, making an already fantastic read even more amazing. From the snippets of their works in progress to their not-so-anonymous letters to each other, Loring has penned a romance all her own, and readers like me get to reap every single reward from it. Here's another true sentence: The Love Interest is a must-read and more than earns my five-plus-star rating and undoubtedly deserves double that.

Date Read: 17 April 2021

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