Review: Blue Twilight by Tess Thompson (Blue Mountain #5; Blue Mountain: Logan Bend #1))

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Grey's Promotions.

My very first Tess Thompson book was Blue Midnight back in 2015. I was immediately taken with her writing, and I've loved reading all the books that followed. Admittedly, her Blue Mountain series is my favorite, and with the release of the fifth and latest book--and the first one in the Blue Mountain: Logan Bend series--I'm reminded of why I fell in love with Thompson's writing and why I continue to read this wonderfully gifted author's novels. And the bonus? If you're new to the series or to the author herself, you can go ahead and jump into Blue Twilight without reading anything else first. Pro tip: Read the rest of the series. Seriously, each book is a must-read. You can thank me when afterwards.

Blue Twilight is a second-chance romance with a heavy dose of mystery mixed in. Carlie Webster and Cole Paisley were once young and in love, but tragedy struck when Carlie's sister, Beth, was murdered and the prime suspect just happened to be Cole's brother, Luke. Justice eluded both families and they all went their separate ways. Three decades pass, and now, both Carlie and Cole are back in their hometown at the same time. That connection they once shared is still very much alive, but in order for them to have any chance at a future, they need to do what the authorities were unable to thirty years prior: find out who killed Beth and prove Luke's innocence once and for all. But at what cost?

I know people say you shouldn't play favorites, so I apologize in advance, but it needs to be said: this book is my favorite among any of my previous Tess Thompson reads! There has always been something enchanting about Thompson's writing, but it's almost as if she's elevated it to whole new level this time around. Carlie and Cole were main characters with such depth to them, and the story was one that held me captive from start to finish. It was as if I were right there with Carlie and Cole, desperately seeking the truth and wading through all the lies and secrets. I seriously couldn't get enough of Blue Twilight and can't wait for more from the Logan Bend spin-off. This snags five-plus stars.


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Release Date: 23 March 2021

Date Read: 23 March 2021

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